Social Media.


The main social media platform I use is Facebook. I use it to communicate with friends, promote my music/gigs, keep up to date with news and events and I even use it for my event calendar.

Facebook is a great platform because it is free, almost all of my friends have it, it has a simple and easy to use layout (even my parents can use it) and you can communicate with your favourite musicians and idols through ‘like’ pages.

I also have a Twitter account but I find it a  bit more difficult to navigate around. For example if someone comments on something or replies to me on Facebook it takes me to the original post so I can see the entire conversation.
I once got a notification that someone had replied to my tweet on twitter and it just came up with this tweet that made no sense to me and I couldn’t see the one it was replying to, it was very confusing!

In relation to my music I use a Facebook ‘like’ page. Unfortunately I have more friends on my personal account then I do on my ‘like’ page so to try and balance that out if I have some music related news I will make a status on the like page, then share it on my personal page hoping that friends of mine will see that I shared it off the music page and ‘like’ the page. I also post videos, gig information, photos and videos on the ‘like’ page and share it on my personal page.

With the music industry being so competitive and there being so many different types of social media out there it can be hard to really stand out online. I think to make yourself look really unique you need to look professional and stay up to date. By up to date I mean weekly posts (you don’t want to spam your audience).
You should also stick to a theme. For example I have a Youtube channel, a Facebook ‘like’ page, a Twitter account and this WordPress blog. To look professional I think having the same profile picture for each social media, same background and same colours would stand out. Otherwise people interested in your music may get confused as to whether it was the same person.


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