Purchasing and Consuming music in the Future.

Purchasing music: 5 years from now.

In say 5 years from now, I imagine we will be purchasing the majority of our music through digital copies and downloads using download sites such as iTunes and band camp. I think indie and alternative bands may still release some albums on vinyl but possibly more for a collectors use not as a main way to distribute an album.
After always buying CD’s through my childhood and teen years I have recently found myself using cloud streaming and digital downloads. Although saying that I did recently pre-order an Oh Mercy vinyl as well as buy a Boomgates CD that was also available on vinyl. I think physical formats are getting phased out but they will never be entirely gone. We thought that about vinyl and it has made a comeback with young people like myself collecting vinyls and buying players.

I think we will find ourselves in the near future streaming music instead of purchasing it which kind of scares me. I like the idea of owning an album and knowing I have supported that artist by purchasing it from them. If we all start to stream music instead of buying it how will we know we have truly supported the artist. How will they get paid, do they get royalties for each time their song is played?
Maybe once I get use to the idea I will be more inclined to use it but for the moment I will stuck to purchasing physical albums and digital copies.


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