Music Synchronisation.

The most popular examples of music synchronisation that came to mind whilst studying this subject were the Cadbury ads, Wouldn’t It Be Nice and the Eyebrow ad which both use music differently, and the Coles ‘Down, Down, Prices are Down’ ads.

Cadbury Eyebrows Ad.

This Cadbury ad is different to the other two examples I have in this post. It takes a fairly old song (1998) and uses it in it’s advertising. ‘Don’t stop the Rock’ by Freestyle. I feel as though this example is important because the clip Cadbury used for the commercial didn’t really have much to do with the chocolate. The children were dressed in the Cadbury colour of purple but it featured them moving their eye brows in stead of eating the chocolate or something. The commercial was successful in the way that it stuck in my mind though, when I started reading this assignment that was one of the first ads that came to mind.

Cadbury Wouldn’t It Be Nice Ad.

This Cadbury ad has used the good old Beach Boys track ‘Wouldn’t it be Nice’. Instead of using that track the way it is like in the above example they changed the words to suit their product.
‘Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury, chocolate roads and trees and birds and bees, delivering all kinds of letters daily, every kind of purple parcel too, and if the dog did try and grab a mouthful, you can bite him back he’ll taste delightful, wouldn’t it be nice.’
I think most people would agree with me in saying that this was a great tune to choose for the cadbury add. It just gets stuck in your head so easily and having the words ‘wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury’ stuck in your head is exactly what the company would want.

Coles Prices are Down Ad.

The famous Coles ‘Down, Down, Prices are Down’ jingle was originally a song from the band ‘Status Quo’ with the lyrics ‘Down, Down, Deeper and Down’.
In July this year the retail giants, Coles signed Status Quo to record a version of their hit song with the lyrics ‘Down, Down, Prices are Down’ to use in their advertising. This is the most annoying ad on TV. Whenever you hear it, it is stuck in your head for ages. Very smart move of Coles to use the catchy tune as well as their huge red pointing hands in the ad. The visual combined with the audio make it a very successful advertising campaign for the supermarket chain.


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