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In this day an age I don’t think it matters as much where the music comes from to what it sounds like. It still has an effect but sometimes you get music from places like Singapore that sounds nothing like other Singaporean music. Obviously Bollywood music comes from India and K-Pop and Asia-Pop come from Asia and Korea but it isn’t as ‘strict’ as it use to be where you could hear a band and automatically know what city it was from.

Coming from Frankston/Somerville I notice this a lot. A few well known post-hardcore bands and metal bands have come from this area, Parkway Drive have even played at the Somerville Mechanics Hall but even though the majority of the bands down here are that genre you still get the odd Reggae/Rock band like Blackwater Riff and Indie Pop band like TC & The Dropbears who do well and get quite popular.
Even though it is becoming harder to tell where a band is from I still think it is sometimes relevant where they are from to their music and their popularity. I would much prefer to listen and support an Australian or Melbourne based band then an overseas band if they went on tour. I also think a lot of the local, smaller Melbourne bands are just as good as the bigger bands so supporting their shows and paying max $20 instead of going to the big bands which will still get sold out will be much more beneficial and probably be a better night.

With obvious examples again such as Bollywood and Asia-Pop their culture shows through their music styles and costumes. You could try to say that in rock music the surfy styles come from more coastal areas and the grunge style comes from more inner city areas, but they do over lap a bit.
I think it is a lot harder to tell nowadays where the music has originated from when listening to it. You could try to guess and you may be right but with all the resources available for music production and sharing anyone can make whatever music they like!



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