Music In Advertising.

My music in advertising?

After discussing music synchronisation in class it has made me think about my reaction if someone had wanted to use my music in advertising.
If this happened I guess it would come down to the type of advertising it was being used for. If it was for an add for something like McDonalds or Coles or something that would get over played and annoying I think I would say no, because I wouldn’t want to be only known for the add and my music on the add. I would prefer people to hear part of my song on a chilled out beer add or clothing add then like the song and discover my music that way.
Even this iTunes add is a good example of music being used in advertising.

Something that I am interested in and like is the only advertising I would let my music be used on. I would hate to be associated with a brand or company because my song got played on their add too many times.


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