Inspiring Australian Music Blogs.

Lisa’s Like List

Lisa’s Like List is a blog written by Australian artist Lisa Mitchell. She describes it as being simple because anything she likes goes on there.
She has got a few categories down the side such as ‘about’, ‘art ect’, ‘young + freelancers’, ‘vegie patch’, ‘wellbeing’ & ‘facebook’.
On the about page she very briefly describes her blog with a cute little picture at the bottom. She has the same cute layout for each page. Down the side she has widgets for her mailing list, music she has made, events she has coming up, tweets from her twitter page and ‘food for thought’ quotes.
This page is a combination of Lisa’s personal interests and news about her music career. This type of blog would give fans a more personal connection to Lisa and her music.
She seems to be posting about one post a week with her last post being this morning and before that the 25th of July.
As an example this post ‘It’s Wednesday and I like…‘ shows how Lisa uses links and photos in her blogging. She will show her followers things that she buys and links they little shops she buys them as well as interesting articles and magazines she reads. When she writes about a post she keeps it short and sweet with the main emphasis on the links and the 
photos therefore promoting other companies.

Triple J News

I use Triple J’s Music News blog a fair bit. This is mostly because I listen to triple J a lot so if I hear something interesting on the radio I will follow it up by looking up on my phone or computer once I get home. The triple J music news website has a really effective layout with the most recent articles up the top and a top stories column down the right hand side. The website also has widgets such for a photo gallery and a music news archive.
The blog is very popular because of the clean, simple layout. The main things that are written about are festival line ups, new releases by bands, local music competitions (Sydney Festival Launches Soundtrack Competition) and news about musicians and the general music industry.

We are Unified.

I discovered this blog through a friend who is really into the heavy music scene. UNFD is a company supporting music from the heavier genres such as hardcore and metal. Bands such as House Vs Hurricane, Dream On Dreamer, Northlane, The Used and Say Anything. I really enjoy reading this blog because they give reviews on albums that have been released and they also have a store where you can buy said albums and merchandise from your favourite artists. I also read it because it keeps me up to date with tours and news from these genres that websites like Triple J may not focus on as much.
Along the top of the site they have categories such as ‘Artists’, ‘Dates’,  ‘Releases’, ‘People’, ‘Blog’, ‘About’ and ‘Store’. When clicking on the blog tab it takes you to their tumblr page which is a blog but it doesn’t have much content like the website. It just has tour posters and merchandise images. Even though this is technically a website it has the layout of a blog and I think of it as a ‘hardcore’ music industry news blog.



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