Cloud Based Platforms

I was a bit confused with this homework task to begin with but after seeing Charlie’s example in class with the singing man, it reminded me of all the Cloud Based Platforms I had seen come up when I had been procrastinating using Stumbleupon.

This was the first decent one I came across. After searching on Stumbleupon for a while I decided to just type into google ‘online music maker’. This search was pretty successful.
The website for inudge has a very simple design with everything you need being on the home page. You don’t have to download the software or join up to the mailing list to use it. You can simply just play around with the sounds.
The idea is that along the right hand side of the inudge you can create different patterns in the Tone Matrix. You can create sounds using Drums, Harp, Organ, Saturn, Frogster, Avatar & Rhode Bass. You can change the tempo, add more grid space to create a more complex Matrix and change the volume.

You can also get the link of your finished inundge to share with your friends. Here is mine!

Although this website has a much older and more retro appearance the idea of the cloud platform is great. You use the keyboard to control it. I didn’t think it was very good until I saw the CD at the bottom of the machine, once you click that it plays tracks that other people have made and recorded using the software. I was impressed. I tried to give it a go and there are so many effects and things you can change. You can add special patterns such as ‘Thunder Break’, ‘Drummer Kid’ & ‘Torpedo Solo’ whilst playing a melody, you can create patterns as well as composing your own song in the compose window.
You can also record the song and save it as a private or public song.


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