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Red Bennies Cancelled :(

Unfortunately due to booking troubles my gig at Red Bennies tomorrow night with Bj has been cancelled ;(
I will be sure to keep you guys up to date on other gigs though!
In the mean time make sure you give our pages a like on Facebook!



Red Bennnnnnnnnnnies!

Got much on for Thursday night? Feel like seeing a bit of live music?
Come down to Red Bennies! Bj and I have another gig there at around 8pm! Should be sweet night!



Hey! Here is another video from a few weeks ago when I played at Red Bennies with my mate Bj, if you like this check out the other videos on my channel! 🙂


Red Bennies 2!

This Thursday I’m playing another gig at the wonderful Red Bennies! This time my friend Bj Hancock is accompanying me with some guitar and vocals. We have previously worked together when we covered ‘Settle Down’ at the ‘4KidsByKids’ exhibition at Cube37.
We are on at 8:10 and it should be a great night!



Hey! Here is a second video from my gig at Red Bennies last week, the venue filmed this one.
This song is my original and it doesn’t have a name yet so if you’re listening to it and think of one let me know!



I Don’t Mind

This video is from my gig at Red Bennies last night, I am covering I Don’t Mind by Defeater. Enjoy! 🙂

Red Bennies.

This Thursday night I am playing at the wonderful Red Bennies!
The night kicks off at around 7 with acoustic acts, live bands, burlesque and DJ’s. My set is at 7:40 and I will be playing mostly covers, with my original thrown in there somewhere too.

Hopefully I will get some good recordings at this gig as the recordings from the other week have poor sound quality, then I can upload some more videos!

Hope to see everyone down there!