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The Limelight Gig.

Last night, Tuesday the 30th of August I played a gig at The Order Of Melbourne. On a Tuesday night they have an artist showcase called ‘The Limelight’. I played with 4 other artists including Ai Hui (pianist and singer), The Mifflins (acoustic cover band), Emalii-Annie (Acoustic Original Artist) and You, Me & Her (band).

The night was a success with a fairly large crowd. The venue itself was really interesting with all of the tables and seating facing the stage therefore putting their attention directly on the artists performing instead of background music/entertainment. This made it quite daunting knowing these people would be paying full attention to you. The venue also had really good drink and food specials on for the night such as $3 pots and fairly popular pizzas.

I played 6 songs, one of them being an original;

Matt Costa-Mr. Pitiful

City and Colour-Body in a Box

Chloe Turner Original-Season Song

Defeater-I Don’t Mind

Patty Griffin-Mary

Seeker Lover Keeper-Even Though I’m a Woman

I was fairly happy with my performance with only a few small mistakes.

It was the first time I have done a gig alternating between covers on keyboard to covers on guitar. By starting with a song on keys and finishing with one on keys I felt like it broke it up nicely.


A video of one of my performances will be up on youtube soon so let me know what you think! 🙂


Chloe & Bj – Settle Down (Cover)

From Saturdays gig at Cube 37 in Frankston.

Hallelujah- Chloe Turner Cover 2011

Stranger Things Have Happened- Chloe Turner Cover 2011

Time Of Your Life- Chloe Turner & Friends Cover 2011

What Do I Do- Chloe Turner Cover 2011


Ah, so amazing.