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Red Bennies 2!

This Thursday I’m playing another gig at the wonderful Red Bennies! This time my friend Bj Hancock is accompanying me with some guitar and vocals. We have previously worked together when we covered ‘Settle Down’ at the ‘4KidsByKids’ exhibition at Cube37.
We are on at 8:10 and it should be a great night!


The Beautiful Dallas Green.

Dallas is probably one of my biggest song writing influences. His voice is so smooth and soothing and his songs are a mix of folk and pop.

This song, Grand Optimist is my favourite off the new album ‘Little Hell’ which was released last year. He took a different approach to writing this album using a full band instead of just himself and his guitar.

Some people weren’t a fan but I think change is good and an artist is allowed to experiment with different sounds. Personally I think it is the best work he has done and having the large bands gives the songs so much more dynamic range and texture.

Enjoy the amazing City & Colour.