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Red Bennnnnnnnnnnies!

Got much on for Thursday night? Feel like seeing a bit of live music?
Come down to Red Bennies! Bj and I have another gig there at around 8pm! Should be sweet night!


Girl With One Eye.

I uploaded another video from the Velma Grove show!
Bj and I are covering “Girl With One Eye” by Florence and the Machine.

While you’re on my channel feel free to check out some of my other covers! Hope you enjoy!

Balnarring Open Mic Night.

Last Wednesday night I played at an open mic night in Balnarring. It had such a cool atmosphere.
You had to donate $5 to get in, write your name on a list and then when it was your turn you just went up and played two songs.
I played my original and a cover of ‘I don’t mind’ by Defeater.
I then called Bj up to the stage and we did a cover of Lonely Boy by the black Keys. This was my favourite part of the evening because when we got to the first chorus, someone on drums, bass, guitar and harmonica had jumped on the stage and started jamming with us.
It was all so chilled, I will definitely go back!
It’s on every second Wednesday night at the Town Hall in Balnarring. It seems to be run just by the local muso’s and they had a cute little set up with Fairly lights lighting up the stage.

For Kids By Kids.

On the 21st of July 2012 I was apart of an event held at Cube 37 in Frankston. The event was called For Kids By Kids and the idea was created by the wonderful Kayla Shelbourne. Basically her friend had come to her for help with depression and mental illness and she decided to do something about the illness. She created an exhibition that showed art work done by kids in local high schools such as Mt Erin Secondary College, Frankston High ect. The exhibition’s main night was the 21st of July where there were speeches, a silent auction and live entertainment from myself and other local acts such as Blackwater Riff, Madeleine Jayne Music, Ash Ball and Tommy Lucas.

The whole night was a huge success and she managed to raise $10,000 for mental illness. It was so great to be a part of such a wonderful event for a great cause. 

Below is a video of my performance from the night with Bj (Vocalist from Blackwater Riff). It was good to be able to perform and meet other local artists as well as be supporting such a great cause.


Chloe & Bj – Settle Down (Cover)

From Saturdays gig at Cube 37 in Frankston.