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Gig gig gig gig.

Last Thursday night, although my gig at Red Bennies got cancelled I ended up playing at Druids cafe! Druids is a little cafe on Swanston Street opposite RMIT. It is tiny and there was only really people from uni in the cafe but the atmosphere was sweet! It was really late notice but Trevor, one of the teachers was able to get me a left handed guitar. He went to Cranbourne music to buy one, then returned it the next morning! I was so grateful. I played three songs, two covers and an original.
The weekly night at Druids is ran by the students in the performance class so I was lucky enough to get another chance to play there next week on the 11th of October! I will be doing this show solo as it is only a twenty or so minute set. I will probably perform my original as well as some new covers I am thinking or doing!

In other news, in December I will be participating in the Melbourne Fresh Industry Showcase’s at Revolver Upstairs! One of the bookers there posted on the wall of my Facebook page and gave me a call. I will be writing a few more originals for that gig when uni finishes so I will try to keep you updated!

I will leave you with something I have been listening to heaps lately and am thinking of covering!


Velma Grove Debut Headline Show.

On Thursday the 30th of August Bj and I played at the Velma Grove Debut Headline show. We played an eight song set which included covers of Settle Down, Lonely Boy, Girl With One Eye, My Hero, Yellow, I’m On Fire, Valerie and ‘Supercocaine’.
The other supporting act on the night was The Men They Call Jayne who got the crowd nice and warmed up for Velma Grove.
I also took photos on this night, and you can see them all here!

Red Bennies.

This Thursday night I am playing at the wonderful Red Bennies!
The night kicks off at around 7 with acoustic acts, live bands, burlesque and DJ’s. My set is at 7:40 and I will be playing mostly covers, with my original thrown in there somewhere too.

Hopefully I will get some good recordings at this gig as the recordings from the other week have poor sound quality, then I can upload some more videos!

Hope to see everyone down there!


This is like heaven to my ears.

Stumbled across this little piece of beauty whilst my iTunes was on shuffle. So much Love.

What Do I Do- Chloe Turner Cover 2011


Ah, so amazing.

Pumped Up Kicks- Chloe Turner Cover 2012