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Major Audio Tech Assignment.

I have recently been thinking of what I can do for my major assignment in Audio Technology. This assignment will follow my ‘Ba bada ba da da‘ track from my last assignment I had to perform live in Ableton Live.
With the assessment criteria being fairly broad it leaves a lot of options open for what I can do. I was thinking of creating a similar track too ‘Ba bada ba da da’ but singing actually words, not scat noises. I then decided I might try to find a second singer to sing on my track to change the vibe and add some more texture to it. I approached my friend Ben Filer and he said he would be interested! I am thinking of creating beats similar to last time with field recordings (but obviously not pool tables and teeth brushing) and also using scat as a type of beat with lyrics then over the top. With a male and female singer I am also hoping to create some nice harmonies.
Now I need to think of some lyrics and come up with beats and then record it! I will post it on here when it’s done and update you when I get more ideas for it!

Until then, checkout some more of my youtube covers!
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Ba bada ba da da


My completed Ableton Live Assignment which I performed in class on Monday, I apologise for when it gets stuck in your head….enjoy! 🙂

Ableton Live Assignment.

So I was given this assignment at uni which required me to develop a track, minimum 3 minutes long of all my own recorded sounds in Ableton Live. Doesn’t sound too bad, but then I got told I had to perform it live, and I started stressing.
I finally started the assignment tonight, and after working on it for a few hours I am surprisingly happy with how it’s turning out.
I started with a beat, using sounds I had previously recorded for another assignment which were a friend playing pool, and me brushing my teeth. I used the drum rack tool to create this. I then recorded my vocals just scatting along to the rhythm. I added some reverb and messed around with the EQ on these tracks to make them sound funky.

I’m a little bit stuck, on where to go from here so I’m hoping if I sleep on it and try again tomorrow night I will have some fresh ideas, and not realise I’m tired right now and its actually horrible!

I will keep you updated on my progress with the foreign world of electronic music and when it is done I will upload it!

In other news on Wednesday night I am playing at an open mic night in Balnarring! According to Bj it’s got pretty chilled vibes and seems like it’s just a jam sesh for local musicians so it should be a good environment! Hopefully I’ll have some photos and vids up after that.

Until then, check out my videos on youtube and share them with your friends!

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