Independent Music, Online and Off.

Local Identity and Independent Music Scenes, Online and Off.

This reading discusses independent music, online and offline. To me independent or ‘indie’ music offline is small bands and artists who play at local or undergroud pubs, bars and venues around the city or their home town. They generally play because the love their music, not because the want to become famous. This type of band wouldn’t try to get gigs at Rod Laver or Festival Hall. They like the smaller, less known venues.
Independent music online would be bands like the ‘Boomgates‘. They don’t have their albums on iTunes or Spotify, they just have their singles. They use facebook as their main source of promotion and they have a website so you can buy their music directly through them. They have also released their music on vinyl as well as a CD. They aren’t putting their music all over the internet and spamming people with lots of advertising. People would find out about bands like this through small music blogs like ‘Deaf Ambitions‘ and ‘adamNOTeve‘or through a friend, like me.

The reading also discusses music identity and if it still exists in local towns. I think it does in other countries like America and Sweden and certainly India and Asia but not so much Australia due to our multi-culturalism.
Coming from Frankston/Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula some say it has a heavier music scene with bands such as Hopeless and Untruth coming from this area. There are also a lot of local hardcore bands that play at the local Freeza Battles and gigs. There is also a monthly alternative night club at Pier Live in Frankston called Beez Neez which caters to the heavy music genre featuring headlining acts such as Hallower, Divisions, For Our Hero, Closure in Moscow & Boris the BladeThis being said we still get acts such as Angus Stone and Xavier Rudd playing down here which are popular.
The reading mentioned a story about a musician who released an album in his home town, and people didn’t buy it because they didn’t like it. They didn’t support him because they weren’t fond of the music he made. The musician mentioned it never use to be like that and people would buy it even if it just sat on their shelf and never got listened to.
This point really struck me as interesting because I always support my friends and local musicians. I go to the local gigs and battles of bands and buy their E.Ps and share their Facebook pages. I’m pretty sure most people at Uni are sick of me spamming them about Blackwater Riff and TC & The Dropbears but they are the local bands down here and I try to help them out. Even the heavier bands like Untruth, I go to their gigs and I will buy their E.P even though I’m not really into that genre of music. I do have friends however who won’t even go to see the local bands free shows because they aren’t a fan of the music. For me I support whoever I can because I would love to see a local band ‘make it’ one day.


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