Swedish Fan Labour

International Fan Labour in Swedish Music

This reading discussed fan labour and fans helping artists with promoting in online social media. I have come across this recently with one of my favourite bands ‘Oh Mercy‘ releasing a new album. They  posted a status saying ‘If you all “Share” our album cover artwork over 50 times we will post a new video where you can hear 3 new songs… Too easy!’. Looking back at the post now the artwork got 59 shares and I shared it myself. Oh Mercy started off as an independent band  so I love helping them out and buying their music/merchandise and sharing their video’s or albums.

In this reading they discuss the Swedish music industry with fans blogging about artists and in one case the artists being noticed by these bloggers in the USA and being asked to come over to play.

Personally I think social media is a great new way to promote yourself and I do it all the time with my music career, clearly by this blog, facebook and twitter. I always ask my friends to share my videos and my ‘like’ page and if I had fans that weren’t my friends I would do shout outs asking for them to share as well!
It’s great how Swedish fans can get together and support an artist so much that it actually makes a difference in their career and gets them noticed in other countries.


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