Street Press

This Place Rocks! The Brisbane Street Press, Local Culture, Identity and Economy.

This reading written by Marc Brennan discusses Brisbane street press, in particular the magazines ‘Time Off’, ‘Rave Magazine (RM)’ & ‘Scene’. Scene has a focus on Dance music and Dj’s, RM focus’s more on rock music and Time Off is more of a general street press. Each magazine is published weekly and is printed in mostly black and white, minus the front/back covers.

As I am not familiar with Brisbane Street Press I am going to discuss Melbourne Street Press and how I use it in this reading report.
The two Melbourne Street Press magazines I am familiar with are Inpress & Beat.
When I want to read them and I am in the city I know I can usually pick them up from little cafes, music shops and retro star. When I am home in Frankston I can pick them up from Record City.
I use them to see what gigs are on and read interviews from artists I am interested in. I am also always keen to check out the photography on the front page as a lot of it is shot my a favourite photographer of mine, Kane Hibberd.

In class we were discussing who still uses Street Press and who just relies on the internet/word of mouth. I remember the majority of the class saying they don’t really read street press anymore but I disagreed. I love reading it. That may be because I spend a lot of my time on public transport but I like being able to look in front of me and see all the gigs on in the next week/month, not have to scroll through different websites and Facebook pages.



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  1. at home in Frankston lawl

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