Ableton Live Assignment.

So I was given this assignment at uni which required me to develop a track, minimum 3 minutes long of all my own recorded sounds in Ableton Live. Doesn’t sound too bad, but then I got told I had to perform it live, and I started stressing.
I finally started the assignment tonight, and after working on it for a few hours I am surprisingly happy with how it’s turning out.
I started with a beat, using sounds I had previously recorded for another assignment which were a friend playing pool, and me brushing my teeth. I used the drum rack tool to create this. I then recorded my vocals just scatting along to the rhythm. I added some reverb and messed around with the EQ on these tracks to make them sound funky.

I’m a little bit stuck, on where to go from here so I’m hoping if I sleep on it and try again tomorrow night I will have some fresh ideas, and not realise I’m tired right now and its actually horrible!

I will keep you updated on my progress with the foreign world of electronic music and when it is done I will upload it!

In other news on Wednesday night I am playing at an open mic night in Balnarring! According to Bj it’s got pretty chilled vibes and seems like it’s just a jam sesh for local musicians so it should be a good environment! Hopefully I’ll have some photos and vids up after that.

Until then, check out my videos on youtube and share them with your friends!

Lonely Boy Cover
Valerie Cover
Supercocaine Mash-Up Cover
I Don’t Mind Cover
Settle Down Cover
Pumped Up Kicks Cover
Stranger Things Have Happened Cover

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